Close Encounterpanes is a quilt pattern company founded in 1993.  (I think... could be 1994)

The patterns shown below are the most popular and easy to make.  Most are "scrap quilts" and a good way to
make your scrap stash go on meltdown.    Have fun!

HOW TO BUY!!!    These transactions are based on trust.   I'm honest, I hope you are too!  THE BEST WAY  is
for you to send me an email to and I'll send a PDF of the requested pattern.

Contact by snail mail: Chris Gilman, 116 N. Emerson, Wenatchee, WA, USA, 98801  Orders via email will be
sent on receipt..      

Please call (509) 393-3805 with any questions.   NOTE:  I've been getting so many robo calls, I don't answer
unfamiliar phone numbers.  Please leave a voicemail and I'll get right back to you.  Sorry.  
Wholesale customers welcome!      Some of the patterns are available only via snail mail.  
"FOOTHILLS"        $8.00       available via PDF
Quilt size:  56" X 72"  
Block size:    8"
This is the newest pattern and a lot of fun to make.  The tree
blocks are readily adaptable to your own shape and color
“HEARTS ALL AROUND”    $8       
Quilt size:  56” x 72” (twin or queen “topper”)  
Block size: 8”
This pattern was the first to be published in 1994 and is still very popular.  The log
cabin blocks are a good way to use your scrap stash, and the hearts look good in all
the same red or many different ones.  The appliqué can be done by hand or
machine, or that sticky fusible stuff that I really don’t like but a lot of other people do.
The lattice border is four inches wide and can be changed in a variety of ways.  It
also looks good without the checker border, leaving just the red four-inch outside
border.  Your choice.  My job is to inspire, yours is to make the quilt the way you like
“TIGHTEN THE TENSION!!!!!”   $8   available via PDF
18” Square with a 3” X 10” drop-down “escapee”  
The little shoes and socks can be found at many craft stores, or on-line by a “doll
shoes” internet search. (I've included a link) Look for size six or eight.  
“Tighten the Tension” was made in honor of my old Kenmore sewing machine,  b. 1968
somewhere in Japan; died June 1993.  I suspect suicide, although the unofficial cause
was noted as “choked on bobbin”.  My old Kenmore will live in memory as a true friend!
“JOE COOL” (in 1959)    $8   SORRY, SOLD OUT!  
24-1/2” square
Joe is a really cool guy…. Or at least HE thinks so!  (Giggle!)  
This was made after attending a high-school reunion.   
Use your own creativity for unique variations of tummy size and please send me a
picture!   I found a big, ugly plaid for his shirt and a reproduction fabric which looks
like polyester knit for his pants.  The button on his suspenders says "I Do All My
Own Nude Scenes"     
8” blocks.   
Quilt size:  64” x 72”
This block is really a good “stash-buster” and I’ve made it in many colorways.  The
example on the pattern cover is done in bright colors.  Use your stash and try
different colors.   
This quilt is 65” X 73” and made from 6” and 3” blocks.  
The pattern gives instructions for the quilt shown at left which I made
from my stash of plaid fabrics.
The quilt show at right  is the original “Nine to Four” quilt I made in
(about) 1993 using my stash of  “country” fabrics.   You can see the
design of the “nine patch” and the “4 patch” blocks can be easily
modified for your own design.  
The plaid Nine to Four quilt shown at left and on our pattern cover,  
lives on my living room couch to keep our upholstery from being
“Yorkyized” by our little dog;
The country Nine to Four lives next to the living room recliner and
keeps Wayne the Wonderful toasty warm on winter nights.  
DID YOU KNOW:  That in order to receive the optimum benefit from
any quilt, it must be used “pretty side UP”. Wayne the Wonderful has
difficulties with this concept.
Quilt Size:  52” X 68";  Block size:  8”
Another appearance for the versatile
log cabin block.

Now available via PDF !  
$8       avilable via PDF
Pattern shows a unique easy
method for making perfect
pinwheels.  Quick to assemble
10" blocks.  The pattern size
is 66" X 76" but the quick to
assemble 10" blocks, makes it
easily adjusted to any size you
like.  This quilt also looks
good in other colorways.  
IF!  By some strange reason or circumstance, none of our patterns meet your needs, then please
visit for a variety of patterns presented by a multitude of talented

(Snif..   we understand.... we really do!  Snif..)  

More patterns and other things will be added soon!!  Please check back!  
"Wayne the Wonderful" passed away January 4, 2009.  He was a great inspiration and a
tremendous support  for the success of "Close Encounterpanes".   His input to design
factors, business expertise and all around encouragement will be missed.
                       Wayne the Wonderful  - A Love Sonnet
                                                                                               By Chris Gilman
You left me in early January;  a departure not unexpected;
So gently, so softly and so peacefully, passing on to another life;

Knowing that now you start a new adventure,
Unencumbered and free to explore the universe,
Calms my grief and slows the tears.  

Wherever you are right now, in whatever time and space,
Please save the place right next to you for me.